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This archive includes talk slides, and general accompanying files from talks at RUXCON 2004. There is also some competition information available to view. Please note that audio of presentations, and some competition solutions will be made available in the future.

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Saturday Presentations

Security Impacts of Modern Web Development Technologies
by David Jorm
Zip Archive (.zip), 55K  
Logging, Logic Bombs and Litigants: IT Security Law for non-lawyers
by Andre Stein
(Sorry, slides or audio will not be released for this presentation)
A Security Microcosm - Attacking/Defending Shiva, A Linux Executable Encryptor
by Shawn Clowes
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 134K  
Reversing and Exploiting Win32 Binaries
by Jaguar
Win32 local exploits through the 'shatter attack' method
by Brett Moore
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 480K  
Reverse Engineering for Malware Analysis
by Peter Taylor
PDF Document (.ppt), 1.8M  
Advances in real-time network vulnerability analysis
by David Meltzer
Powerpoint (.ppt), 231K  

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Sunday Presentations

Stopping Stack Smashing Attacks
by Paul Ducklin
(Sorry, slides will be made available soon)
High Tech Crime Investigations in Australia
by Brian Diplock
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 323K  
Win32 One-Way Shellcode
by SK
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 301K  
ELF: A fairy tale for viruses
by Daniel Hodson
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 415K  
Bluetooth Security: Toothless?
by Ollie Whitehouse
PDF Document (.pdf), 1.3M  
The Art of Defiling: Defeating Forensic Analysis on Unix File Systems
by the grugq
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 314K  
Social Engineering - The gentle art of having the good guys help you commit evil
by Daniel Lewkovitz
PDF Document (.pdf), 3.7M  

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Exploit Development Competition
by Dme
Reverse Engineering / Crypto Competition
by Technion
Tar / Gunzip Archive (.tgz), 3K  

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All material is for educational purposes and to supplement talks that were presented at RUXCON 2004. All views expressed in the material present is that of the speaker and not reflective of RUXCON. Any programs or source code contained within this material is purely for proof of concept.