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This archive includes talk slides, source code and general accompanying files from talks and competitions at RUXCON 2003. If you have any enquiries or find any broken links report them to web ruxcon org au.

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Using Data Recovery and Discovery Techniques for Presenting Forensic Evidence
by Rival
Privilege Separation and Related Technologies
by Solace
GSM Operators Security
by Emmanuel Gadaix
Rar Archive (.rar), 576K  
The State of Web Applications Security
by David Jorm
Zip Archive (.zip), 432K  
Decompilation for Security Analysts
by Trent Waddington
Writing Exploits under Mips/IRIX
by Peter Werner
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 146K URL Redirect
Smart Cards and Side-Channel Cryptanalysis
by Ryan Junee
Adobe PDF Document (.pdf), 2.1M  
Law enforcement, cyber crime and the Australian security community
by Alastair MacGibbon
Attacking RSA Key Generators
by Icebsd
Zip Archive (.zip), 14K  
Breaking Network Authentication, from Passwords to Hardware
by Ruptor
Rar Archive (.rar), 124K  
Regulation of Encryption Technologies
by Nick Ellsmore
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 102K  
Auditing the (opensource) kernel [kfc style]
by Silvio Cesare
StarOffice Slides (.sxi), 272K Tar/Gunzip Archive (.tgz), 74K
Artificial Intelligence for the Lazy Hacker
by Fyodor Yarochkin and Mikasoft
Tar/Gunzip Archive (.tgz), 2.9M  

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Introduction to x86 assembly language programming
by Onq
Adobe PDF Document (.pdf), 114K Tar/Gunzip Archive (.tgz), 14K
Introduction to Reverse Engineering
by Shadz
Adobe PDF Document (.pdf), 240K  
A Brief Overview of 802.11b
by Op7imus_Prim3
Zip Archive (.zip), 400K  
Introduction to Format Strings and Heap Overflows
by Andrew Griffiths
Tar/Gunzip Archive (.tgz), 336K  
Secure Virtual Private Networking
by David Balnaves
Introduction to Filesystem's and Data Recovery Concepts
by Mitchell Bezzina

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Exploit Development Competition
by Dme
URL Redirect  
Reverse Engineering Competition
by Technion
Linux ELF Binary, 26K Linux ELF Binary, 4K

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All material is for educational purposes and to supplement talks that were presented at RUXCON 2003. All views expressed in the material present is that of the speaker and not reflective of RUXCON. Any programs or source code contained within this material is purely for proof of concept.