That's right. RuxCon 2006 is back for the fourth year running. Preparations are currently underway to bring you yet another quality RuxCon conference packed full of interesting presentations and plenty of fun.

RuxCon 2006 will be held once again at the University of Technology. The scheduled date is:

Saturday September 30th to Sunday 1st October.

For those of you in NSW the following Monday is a public holiday.

What is RUXCON?

RUXCON is a conference organised by and for the Australian computer security community. It is an attempt to bring together the individual talents of the Australian scene, through live presentations, activities, and demonstrations.

RUXCON is non-profiting with staff volunteering their time, effort, and resources to assure the smooth and professional running of the conference, keeping it at a low and affordable price for attendees. RUXCON staff firmly believe that the technical calibre of our guest speakers is superior to those at any other security conference in Australia.

RUXCON is held over two days in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and is held at UTS in Australia. The conference allows attendees to enjoy themselves, socialise with others, and expand their knowledge on security.

RUXCON presentations run for one hour, cover a diverse range of topics, and are presented by credible local and international speakers. Attendees have the opportunity to meet new people, either socially during the lunch or drink breaks, or during the many activities and competitions held over the weekend. These competitions will allow novices to improve their basic skills, while experts can test their skills against their peers, with everyone having the opportunity of winning prizes and having some fun.