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This archive includes talk slides, and general accompanying files from talks at RUXCON 2005. There is also some competition information available to view. More slides will be added as they become available.

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Saturday Presentations

COM on your face
by Mark Dowd
Attack Automation
by Roelof Temmingh
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 1.7mb  
Beyond NX: An attackers guide to anti-exploitation technology for Windows
by Ben Nagy
Binary protection schemes
by Andrew Griffiths
PDF Document (.ppt), 444K  
Securing Modern Web Applications
by Nik Cubrilovic
Using OWASP Guide 2.0 for Deep Penetration Testing
by Andrew van der Stock
Moving towards the Artificial Hacker
by Ashley Fox
Powerpoint (.ppt), 1.4M  
Computer Forensics: Practise and Procedure
by Adam Daniel
Black Box Web Application Penetration Testing
by David Jorm
Trust Transience: Post Intrustion SSH Hijacking
by Metlstorm
Crypto Rodeo
by Amy Beth Corman
PDF Document (.pdf), 7.8M  

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Sunday Presentations

Deaf, Dumb and Mute: Defeating Network Intrusion Detection Systems
by Christian Heinrich
Attacking WiFi with traffic injection
by Cedric "Sid" Blancher
PDF Document (.pdf), 2.1M  
Malware Analysis
by Nicolas Brulez
Powerpoint Document (.ppt), 428k  
Breaking Mac OSX
by Ilja Van Sprundel & Neil Archibald
Electronic Evidence - a Law Enforcement Perspective
by Jason Beckett
Poker Paranoia
by Sean Burford
PDF Document (.pdf), 217k  

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Exploit Development Competition
by Dme
Reverse Engineering / Crypto Competition
by Technion

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All material is for educational purposes and to supplement talks that were presented at RUXCON 2005. All views expressed in the material present is that of the speaker and not reflective of RUXCON. Any programs or source code contained within this material is purely for proof of concept.